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Logistics Operations

Logistics is the core of NDRMC’s operation. Each year, NDRMC distributes millions of metric tons of food and non-food items through its logistics unit, facing the challenge of reaching an average of more than10 a million beneficiaries across the country.

The logistics operation management directorate plans, implements and control the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods and material, as well as related information for the purpose of alleviating the suffering of vulnerable people throughout the country. The directorate functions encompass a range of activities, including preparedness, planning, procurement, transport, tracing, and last-mile delivery.

The directorate has the following specific duties and responsibilities.

  • Timely response to disaster-affected areas as well as for effective food transfer to productive safety-Net beneficiaries.
  • On the basis of resource allocation plan transport relief commodities to the emergency and safety net beneficiaries using the private and the commission’s transport vehicles.
  • Examine transport market and tariff and procure transport service.
  • Ensure timely and complete delivery of food and non-food items to their final destinations.
  • Study and adopt best practices in logistics operation management locally and globally to improve the directorate functions.
  • Provide support to UN agencies and NGOs for the timely delivery of relief food and other non-food items to central warehouses.
  • Exert effort to implement reliable and timely logistics management information system to support management decisions. 
  • Survey and analyze current market information and submit it to the commission’s higher management for decision making.
  • Based on the modern logistics allocation procedure system, it organizes and implements the information on ration size and prepares the framework system for follow-up and evaluation

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