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Research and Training Directorate

Roles and major activities undertaken by research and training directorate

  • Facilitates, monitors, and supports the implementation of strong and consistent working relationships by studying coordination and linkages with other departments.
  • Identifies natural and man-made problems, generates research ideas, discusses and approves them, designs them in detail in accordance with the approved research agenda, and conducts research.
  • Conducts in-depth analysis and evaluation of studies on the contribution of disaster risk reduction system to the national economy in light of regional and global disaster mitigation management trends.
  • Conducts, evaluates and identifies solutions to key problems and practices in disaster risk management, formulates strategies, monitors implementation, and verifies.
  • Develop and implement effective programs on disaster risk management based on the country's policy and development direction.
  • Facilitate a forum for stakeholders to review related work prepared by consultants, coordinate the development of standardized research documents, standards, and coordinate the creation of national consultative forums to review and develop research conducted by leading sector offices.
  • Coordinates the identification of perspectives on research to ensure the sustainability of disaster risk reduction, and sets out the remedial measures that need to be taken by the Disaster Risk Reduction Management System.
  • Coordinates the process of conducting research, evaluation, development and recognition of natural and man-made disasters and vulnerabilities;
  • Develop policy proposals for disaster risk management research, formulate formulas for improvement inputs, and implement them upon approval.
  • Develop and coordinate the implementation of new technologies and strategies to facilitate technologies for disaster risk management research.
  • Gains and shares experience in various international and regional trainings, workshops and conferences related to disaster risk management.
  • Prepares training manuals (brochures, pamphlets, posters, newspapers and magazines), provides quality assurance training on disaster risk management research, and monitors quality implementation
  • Monitor and support the disaster risk management sector to ensure the effectiveness of the sector's work.
  • Provides and monitors professional advice and technical support on disaster risk management.
  • Supports and monitors the implementation of revised laws, regulations and guidelines on disaster risk management.

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