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National Incident Management System

Brief Description: 

What is NIMS? A set of principles that provides a systematic, proactive approach guiding government agencies at all levels, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sectors to work seamlessly to prevent, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of incidents, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity, in order to reduce the loss of life or property and harm to the environment.

Ethiopian National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a partnership program between United States government (USAID/USFS) and Government of Ethiopia - National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) for capacity building in Disaster management. It is a program adopted to strengthen Ethiopian Disaster Response capacity by integrating selected components of NIMS into the existing Disaster Risk Management system.

The program began with initial consultations and workshops, and in early 2010, four components of the US National Incident Management System (NIMS) were identified as potentially beneficial to Disaster Risk Management (DRM) within Ethiopia contexts: Multiagency Coordination Systems (MACS), Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Incident Command System (ICS), and Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning. Since then, different activities have been carried out at Federal and Regional levels. These include:-

  • Incorporating NIMS Program into the National DRM policy, DRM Policy and Strategic Program and Investment Framework (DRM-SPIF) and NDRMC’s annual work plan,
  • Provision of NIMS training (MACS, EOC &ICS) to more than 1000 participants both at Federal and Regional levels,
  • Contextualization and development of NIMS training materials and operation guides at Federal levels
  • Development of master trainers both at Federal and Regional levels
  • Operationalization of NIMS (MACS, ECC & ICS):
  • Activation of National & Oromia ECCs in 2014 for flood response
  • Activation of Gedio & Guji ECCs in 2018 in SNNPR for conflict IDPS responses
  • Activation of National, Regional 7 Zonal ECCs ( Amhara, SNNP, DD, Afar & Zone-3, Somali) in 2020 for COVID and Flood responses
  • Activation of Tigray ECC in 2021for conflict response
  • Establishment of Incident Command Posts in 2021 for COCID responses ( Amhara, Addis Ababa, SNNP, Somali, DD)


Core Objectives of the programme: 

The NIMS program is adopted with a view to strengthen the preparedness, coordination and response capacity of the Ethiopia DRM structures at different levels (Federal, Regional, Zonal and Woreda). Program specific Objective:

  • Improving capacity to deliver fast and effective humanitarian response
  • Enhancing interagency cooperation in disaster response
  • Enhancing preparedness and building strong coordination mechanism at various level
  • Promoting decentralization of Resource and Authority
  • Enhancing standard mechanisms for prioritizing critical resource and information coordination



Government of Ethiopia (NDRMC, Oromia,DRMC, Afar DPFSPCO, Amhara DPFSPANSSCC, Dire Dawa DRMCO, SNPPR DRMC, Somali DRMB, Tigray EW&RD, FDRMC, BDU), US government (USAID and USFS) and others